January, 20th, 2024 - Hi it's Siyowin. ♡

January, 20th, 2024 - Hi it's Siyowin. ♡

 Hiii !

So, I'm going to try and stay consistent as HECK with posting weekly blogs. Let's see how this works out...

Anyways, I guess I could treat it a bit like a ~ journal ~ in a sense.

Since this is my first actual post I thought it would be nice to gift anyone viewing this a little something something. So i decided to make these fun downloadable images for anyone and everyone! A little description is at the top of each link. You can copy and paste each individual link in your web browser and save the image from there. Feel free to use it as a wallpaper for your phone, upload it on instagram as a post or story ( & don't forget to tag me 😉)

Any who - 

Im currently staying in New York for about a month or so for my modeling endeavors with my agency Wilhelmina and don't really have access to any art tools aside from my beloved ipad. I have been doodling away on it for the last week and it has really helped me to just practice on exploring various types of creativity and problem solving when it comes to having a vision that I want to execute and finding different means of execution.  

I think three things that have inspired these new buffalo pieces is 1. I have always loved and respected the quiet yet amazing animals and 2. Seeing these animals roaming around while in Yellowstone changed my WHOLE LIFE and 3. I wanted to find a way to preserve their beauty as an animal but also add my own little sparkle sparkle to it. 

So its about 10:15 pm eastern time. It is cold as heck outside but i'm feeling quite blessed and cozy in my own little space. 

If you are reading this, I just want to say thank you for the love and support via instagram and my website. I cant wait to share a little more of my art and life as the weeks go on. 


As we approach a new week, heres a quote that i'll be reflecting on - 

"If you risk nothing, then you risk everything" 



White background buffalo:


Neon Pink buffalo: 


Yellow buffalo:



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